The Eject button

Most of the time I’m spending in my car… That’s the place where my ears are getting the daily dose of music. I’m lucky that I have a good sound system in the car. It would be a disaster if I don’t… I think I would not listen to music at all, in that case.

Musician who doesn’t listen to music?! Sounds stupid, yeah?

I didn’t change the CD for months. I was just changing the song. Sometimes not even that.  I was listening one particular song over and over, on a repeat, like I was hypnotized. Like I had OCD or some other disorder.. just the people with OCD are washing hands, I was washing my brain.

Even on the radio, they were washing my brain.. With all the liquids (called “commercial blocks”, nowadays). Did you know that on the radio they repeat the same fuckin’ 100 songs every day?? And that’s the rule? You didn’t? Or maybe you asked yourself how did you learn all of these lyrics? Despacito??? (WTF!?) Mom of my student went on a concert of Justin Beiber with her daughter (the daughter is crazy about him, but the Mom just hate him..) and she was complaining and asking me how it’s possible that she knows every line of every song?? She was brainwashed,  like all the others.

Today I pressed eject button.


And I put some random CD, without a title. I wanted to be surprised, and, honestly, I truly, TRULY was. It was the CD with my own songs, which I made, played and sang. I know I sound pretentious, but I didn’t hear any of my songs for a long time. I was sick of them. Anyway, this CD reminded me of some old stuff and some new. I ran on a song “Justify” which I did with Andy, the producer from UK, while I was living in Abu Dhabi.

I totally forgot about that song! And it is a good song!

Amazing one…

“Death flowers in the morning Sun… We had our time but the time has come…”

By the way, that was the first song which I didn’t make and I really wanted to sing it! You know when you find some tune which you wish you’ve made?! That’s the kind of a tune. So, I was lucky that that song found me.

The recording session was a year ago. If I wasn’t that stuck with my thoughts in that period, or with brainwashing myself, we would finish it. I was always delaying the last sessions.

I will not do it anymore. I texted Andy. We have to finish it.


It’s about the time for a short trip to Abu Dhabi.



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