Show me how to live!

Just think.. If someone asks you which Ice cream do you like- vanilla or chocolate, you would have the answer. Right? Or any other taste in the world, you will always choose what you like more. The same thing is with everything in your life! Like we all have a different DNA, that’s how we taste different things- food, drinks, cigarettes.. Music!


And no one can take that from you! The choice is yours! No one can convince you that vanilla is better then chocolate if you just love chocolate taste! That’s the same with music. If you have a choice, you can choose it, right?

But do we have a choice? Do we have access to the all the genres, to the all the tastes of music? Imagine that you have only chocolate ice cream in sale and you never discovered the taste of vanilla? First you have to find out that somewhere there the taste of vanilla even exists!

I got the new student, a teenager. He defined himself as someone who doesn’t prefer any style of music. When I asked him “What kind of music do you like?” he said “Whatever, I don’t mind…” I was thinking to myself- No, that’s not possible. Someone who wants to play piano can not have this attitude! I will put him on a test.

First lesson I taught him the basic stuff about piano and music theory. He was attentive and focused, I saw in his eyes that he really wants to learn. At the end of the lesson, I tried to discover his musical taste. He wasn’t reacting on anything I showed him. I played Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughn, then I showed him Beatles, then some music from the 70’s like The Pink Floyd or some disco artists, then I showed him New Wave, Hip Hop, Dance music… Hot Chocolate, INXS, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Elvis Presley, Gloria Gaynor, Frank Sinatra, La Bouche, Coolio, Bob Marley, F&*!^@#@! EVERYTHING!

No reaction…

Next lesson I asked him- Did you listen to the music I’ve recommended you last time? Nope, he didn’t, but his Dad expressed the wish that he learns some song of Elton John. I explained that it can be hard for him to learn it now, but we are heading there. We continued the class without talking about music. At the end of the lesson, I tried again to discover his musical taste. I was thinking, if his Dad likes Sir Elton John, I would show him more of his music. I showed him some beautiful ballads, some music he made for the Disney movies…

No reaction again….

I started to be really afraid the there IS some people who are not reacting on any kind of music. Nothin what can touch their soul. Like they don’t have that.. How can that be possible?? All my life I am surrounded by people who likes some genre of music. It doesn’t matter what kind of music it is, but THEY LIKE SOMETHING, yeah? I couldn’t accept that someone who wishes to play piano doesn’t listen to music at all… I didn’t wanna give up..

Next time when we had a lesson I decided to move him somehow. I will open the Pandora box.

“Did you listen to any of the songs I showed you until now?”, I asked.

“No, Miss, I’m so sorry. I didn’t really had time..”

OK…. I was thinking to myself – Let’s test your boundaries.. First I played the trumpet orchestras, folk music from my country which I personally don’t prefer but I respect. So I played some standards. I saw his smile but also noticed that he’s not hooked. Ok.. That didn’t go well… Let me try something else then..

I showed him AC/DC “Highway to Hell” and he said:

“Oh! I know that! Is that AC/DC??”

YES! YES! Yes, it is! I saw the flame in his eyes. So I continued, I showed him then the Led Zeppelin, Alice in Chains, Nirvana, Audioslave.. all my favorite bands and songs. FINALLY HE HAD SOME REACTION!

I told him the short stories about this music, about my previous life in my country, how I was touring and having rehearsals with my bandmates…Also I said that I want to make a band here, in Dubai, I don’t care how impossible it is.. He said that he would be very excited if I do that, and he will come for sure on my concert.. What a feeling, ha?

We had a lesson today.

“Did you listen to the music I gave you the last time?”, I asked…

“YES! I really liked Show me how to live by Audioslave”



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