Press Rec

When I moved to this building, I met a guy in the elevator. You could tell by his look that he’s listening some kind of a metal or Rock music. He was wearing this black printed shirt, his skin was full of some chaotic tattoos and his hair was long (at least longer than most of the guys in UAE). The elevator ride is just 9 floors, but that was enough to find out that he lives on my floor and that he studies audio engineering on SAE institute. He had a full recording equipment at his home, on the same floor where I live! I was like “Wooohooo!” in my head! Since then, we became friends.. You know, morning coffees, late night drinks, listen this, listen that… It’s fun to have a good neighbour.



Sometimes we had recording sessions at his place and at SAE.. We were recording some of my songs, some of his projects. Lots of times I was quite strict to him. I can’t help myself in this kind of a situations. My passion to do everything correct and FAST is unbearable for some people. I become a monster in those moments. I can tell some words to my coworkers which are too direct. I work on that, believe me.. I hate myself when I act that impulsive. BAD girl, BAD BAD girl.. Abdullah is a champion when it comes to this. He’s so calm and patient, he never told me anything like “Hey man! You can’t talk to me like that!”.. Never! He was always like “Hey man! Relax! We will make it”.. Poor guy, how much he has to suffer with me…

Today he called me to help him with some song. He needed to change the flow of the song for his project, to change the arrangement, from soft pop to funk. I had some spare time between my lessons, so I just crossed the hallway between our apartments with my coffee, keys and cigarettes in my hands. It’s so convenient, isn’t it??

When I reached the place, I could see it that he just woke up (it was noon, by the way..) OK… I’m a bit jealous of him.. He can wake up every day whenever he wants… Ivana, stop to complain!!!

He explained that the singer wants to change the atmosphere of the song, to change the beat, to go into funk… but the song is so commercial, so soft pop, that if you put it in a funk, it would become a commercial bullshit. Anyway, maybe it will bring something which me personally don’t understand.. I asked him to open the project, connect the midi controller. Let’s do something, whatever..

I listened once or twice the original version, got the chords and record it in one take.  After, we hanged out, as usual…


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