Law of Attraction (part 1)

I was always thinking that DJ-ing is an easy job, and that DJs are the people who wanted to be close to musicians, but they are not a musician themselves. I thought of DJs they are some ignorant people, without much musical talent. Now, I want to apologise to all my DJ colleagues trough this blog.


I love live music, bands and good performers. DJ-ing was a synonym of “just pressing the buttons”, no knowledge, no passion. But my opinion about DJ-ing totally changed since 3 years ago.

Now I recall how I was desperate to find any bar where I can hear a good band playing some rock, funk or jazz. But my hopes flushed down the toilet when I went for the first time on some jam session here in Dubai. It stroked me as lightning. I knew that I have to find another way of making my spare time more interesting than to go to some bad jam sessions.

This city is full of DJs. They are everywhere, in every bar, restaurant, club, fashion event or a birthday party. The only electronic music I like is trip hop and drum’n’bass, I really couldn’t stand all that house music in that moment. That’s why I never thought of becoming a DJ until I moved to Dubai. The crucial moment was when I bought a new laptop and started to make electronic music, because I didn’t have any other resource of musical instruments but my keyboard, a laptop and my voice. No more drum, bass or guitar players, so I didn’t have a choice then to start to make electronic music.

I made few tracks, and I was happy. I can’t say that it sounded like some house music. It sounded more like electro pop, but I was just trying to find my style in that moment. I always kept my music on my flash drive, just in case to show someone. I don’t know why I always have that habit to bring my music with me.

One night I went out with my friends to some popular club in Downtown. I saw a girl who’s DJ-ing that night. I was thinking how cool can be to have that job. In that moment I was already fed up of me being just a teacher and I wanted some excitement in my life. In one moment it came to my mind- Why wouldn’t I just offer my music to her, to play it sometimes when she has a gig?

So I approached to her and present myself as a musician, a colleague, and said that I made some tracks. I asked her very politely, if she wants to put some of my originals in her playlists.. She just said- Oh, just go to the hostesses and give them your USB…

I mean…. FUCK_YOU!

One day you will be forced to buy my music on Beatport!” I was thinking.

And That was the moment when I decided to become a DJ, and the main reason was to play my originals!

Nikodia – Come Tonight


Next day, I came to work. When I entered my classroom, the secretary followed me with the information of the new student I’m getting that day. Her name is ILona and she is a DJ.

ILona came to my classroom after a while, and it after few words we got it that she’s from Montenegro, the country which shares the borders with my own, Serbia. So, we spoke exactly the same language! It was so funny! The classes of 45min wasn’t enough for us to speak about all the things we wanted to! I was teaching her piano in the meantime of our talk. We are still good friends. She was my mentor. She showed me her passion about techno and house music, I saw the flame in her eyes when she was talking about the playlists, how she feels the people, how she makes her tracks, what softwares she uses for it and how much she wants to learn about it! I was so impressed! I thought that DJs just do their shit and call that music. But I was soooo wrong. ILona inspired me, thought me and I owe her so much. ❤

ILona & Nikodia – My Reflections (Original Mix)

I started to collect music, which can fit with my personality. This was a period of me exploring, researching, staying awake until sunrise, and listening listening and listening. I NEVER LISTENED SO MUCH MUSIC IN MY LIFE! And I WAS listening to music a lot before that, but never that much.. And I hear so much crap, and shitty music until I had one conversation with ILona, when she told me – “But honey, you don’t have to play just House music, you can play whatever you want and whatever you think it’s fitting with the place where you’re playing!”

I got the point- real DJs are the people who have the cure! They know exactly when it’s the right moment to drop the right track! That job is not easy. You can fail in every second. DJs are in some way psychologists , their office is the dance floor  and their medicine is their choice of music.

And this opened my eyes. After that, I finally started to be more strict with the choices I make of the songs I put in my playlists. And, in these playlists it will be always a place for my originals..

“Now I should be everything I’ve never been before…”


To be continued…






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