Law of Attraction (part 2)

Comfort zone. Our most precious place. We are protecting it as it’s our own life, even though in the comfort zone you can not rise, you can not develop your skills. You can just be there and repeat all your actions over and over. When I started to think to become a DJ I knew that I need to go out from my comfort zone.


And there was the challenge. This lead me to the guy named Dario. I found out about him trough the mutual friend when I started to talk how I wanna become a DJ. He said that Dario is experienced DJ and that he could help me, and teach me how to use DJ equipment and how to beat-match and all the rest. I  met Dario for the first time at his apartment. It was so easy to learn with him as a teacher, because he is also a musician. He’s playing guitar and he had some history with the bands some time ago. It was really easy for me to communicate with him, we were speaking the same language. After two or three sessions, I finally beat matched 2 songs together. What a happiness!

Few weeks later, Dario asked me to replace him at the place he was playing on Fridays. I wasn’t thinking so much, so I accepted, though I never played before.. I said to myself -Why not? Let’s take this opportunity… But… After few weeks, when the day was getting closer, I started to panic! I went out from my comfort zone and that situation just freaked me out! Dario even borrowed me his controller to play on it and gave me some music to support my playlist, but I panicked so hard that I decided to call him and cancel the gig. I have to admit, canceling 3 days before the gig is not good. Dario was a bit upset on me, but I promised him that I will find a replacement for him on that day and that he has no reason to worry about.

I called ILona, and she was already booked on that day, but she send me the contact of Safe-T, also a DJ. Safe-T, or Safet, is also from my country, and he saved my ass that week. He did the gig. Now Safet and me are like brothers, he is the guy who changed my life upside down. I will talk about that in the part 3.

My DJ network started to grow. I had few friends, active DJs, ready to help me. I continued to collect more and more music, constantly in the search of my own style. I remember that period. I was waking up at 8am, searching, listening, downloading, making playlists until 1pm, then I was working from 2- 10pm, coming back home to continue my work on my playlists. Listening listening LISTENING, downloading! Until 4am… I was sleeping 3-4 hours approximately those few months.. I looked like a zombie, but I enjoyed so much in the same time!

Few months later, in March 2016, some my friends decided to make a boat party. They called me to DJ there. I gave myself some time to think, not like last time. I was thinking, now it’s time. I made few mixes, and I thought I was ready.. But you’re never ready, and that’s the beauty of it. Going out of the comfort zone is what makes you grow as a person.   I accepted the offer this time, I will be with the people I know, if something happen, there will be someone to help me. The most important thing is to bring good music and smile.

The party was AMAZING! And yeah, my laptop overheated, I didn’t know how to connect some cords because I also wanted to play keyboard and sing, so I had some problems, but at the end the party was great! During my set, some people took one big speaker and moved it next to the pool, which is on the 2nd floor of the yacht, that they can hear my music! I was so happy! I didn’t care anymore if I will make a mistake or not, I just let myself go, and PLAYED!


Since then I think I become an addict of that feeling when you risk, when you challenge yourself, when you wanna go out from your comfort zone. I think I was top scared to make a move in that situation I had with Dario. He believed in me that I could do it, and should have listened to him. I don’t know why I didn’t have the guts to go and try. Sometimes you have to pull that trigger, and stop thinking too much.




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