Weak… Without me…

False Idols… Come Tonight…

It’s not easy to say… 

I don’t wanna talk about it… No chance…

Now I’m fine (Lullaby)…

Nikodia- naslovna fotografija za Fejsbuk- konačno rešenje 3

These are the titles of the songs… My Album.

Since I was 14 when I started to make my own songs, I dreamed about this, to have it in my hands, my very own album. That would complete all the hard work, all the questions and all the learning I’ve experienced trough the years. That would close the circle.

The hardest thing for me trough all of this years was to find the right music genre for my voice, my keyboard and my love for ROCK music. It’s not an easy job to get those things together. I was searching for the right style so many years, I’ve made so many mistakes, I lost myself few times until I said to myself – ” IVANA! WTF?! FOR WHOM YOU’RE MAKING IT?”

Of course, It makes me happy when someone else likes the songs I make. But, the main purpose of this album is to collect all my work into one thing, one physical thing, an Album.

I remember, my only crowd was my mom and dad when 15 years ago. I make a song, then call them into my room to play it for them. They were always full of support, and they really helped me a lot. Then I spent years with my bands, playing rock music, singing with my punk-rock voice, playing keyboards with another bands, publishing some pop ballads on the internet. I managed somehow to raise the number of the people who are supporting me. I tried so hard to do something, to become a simple rock star performing on music festivals and to make some music videos. When I noticed that I’m losing it, that it wasn’t working in the way I wanted, I moved to Dubai to separate my soul from the crowd. To separate myself of other musicians and to try to do it like I want to do it, without any influence or other people opinion. I’ve just listened to my inner voice.

The only opinion a kept around is my control tower- Voja Aralica.

Voja Aralica is the producer I always admired and who was always telling me the right words, giving me the right clues and putting me on the crossroads to find myself. He’s someone who’s packing the raw material into a product. Exactly.. I don’t need to explain who he is..

This last 3 years I was sending him my new material. He was giving me some suggestions and I was working on that like a maniac. Always changing the instruments, beats, lyrics, singing, parts, cropping, editing, mixing  a bit. We finished the song Come Tonight together, and I kept the same energy in my next songs. Finally I made this 40 min of music which describes me and my emotion in a right way. I sent him recently the whole album as a demo, and Voja said – You’re songs got some good shape. Tell me what’s the plan?

And now.. when I got the green light from him it’s time to finish this story.



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