Circle Closed

Should I go left or right? I decided to go straight, and never look back.


It’s normal though, when you feel that you have something which makes you alive, to sacrifice the other things. Maybe I’m crazy artist who will never settle. Probably. I would always chose music before my private life, and freedom to make music. At least until I close that circle.

Many circles I closed in the last 3 years, my emotions are on the right place now. When you clean those things in your mind, it’s much easier to go further. I’m on my way. I have an opportunity to rise and grow and do my thing just because I got to know myself better.

I am an open person, I like to laugh loud, express myself, but when I start to talk about my emotions, I become the biggest introvert in the world. The place where I can explain what I feel are my songs. I just say everything there. That’s my channel, my radio station. I’m sorry, but that’s what I am.

Don’t blame me when you say love me and I start to laugh. 

I’m not mean, I just don’t know different. I will write a song about you.


It’s hard for people to accept this. That my first love is my music. But what I can do, I can not lie?! Or I can?… Maybe one day, something will change..


I put my emotions in the lyrics again..


I can just go straight

my path is shining bright

For the choices I make

I would pass on the red light


I never, never look back

I’m just changing the lane 

keeping the same track

I stop to think that I am insane


I can just be straight

disturb me as much as you want

with what’s left or what is right

On this road I’m never alone


I might sound a bit cold

but my brain is overheated

There’s a sign on the road

don’t stop if you’re uncompleted


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