On the Go!

I have a feeling that this summer I will do something important for myself. I will go far far away from Dubai, Belgrade, Europe.. I need to make a tour!

Something has to happen! I have a feeling about it.


I finished with some major things in my life. I closed the circle, I did my best and I made a peace with my past, what I’ve done and what happened to me. There’s just one thing left – to finish my album, but I’m almost there. Anyhow, I’m not rushing anything. Everything has its own moment.

After very tiring months, of 7 working days a week, the season of vacations it’s finally coming! And I’m so excited! There’s so many friends in this world which I have to visit, so many cities, different lives to see, so much inspiration to get! LA, NY, Malta, South Africa, Cambodia, Australia.. I don’t know where to go! Everything sounds so exciting! I’m sure I will make a good decision about my vacation.

Last 3 years I spent my vacation in my country. I just missed my Belgrade and all my people, so that seamed in the moment as the best solution for my vacation. Also, I was building my life in Dubai, getting myself in debts to build it, getting out from debts, learning about myself and how I’m dealing with problems. I know now Who I am? What I want? and How to get it?! 

I just need some inspiration! Some new experience which will open my eyes! Like when I went to Amsterdam with my best friend Nenad, got fucked up there, and later we made a song  about the friends who left the country in a search for a better life. That made me to do the same fucking thing! I left the country to find a better life, and here I am! I found it!

I started to consider myself as an artist when I noticed that I have to explain why I love freedom so much… In every way! Even the declaration in my passport says that I’m an artist (LOL) but that wasn’t the thing which made me to think that I am the one. I just love myself when I’m on the Go! If someone can follow that – amazing! If not – what to do?… I’ll just keep going.. Music makes me free!

And don’t expect from me to “settle down”… until I complete myself…

Enough of this pathetic story… I want to go and play! I wanna make a tour in some countries, get my keyboard, mic and backing tracks with me, play on the streets, small clubs and show what I’ve got! I need my tour and I don’t need a paycheck! I know I can schedule at least 10 cities in this world to visit and make concerts there! And I will do it!

I am on the go! In search of inspiration, new colors for my life, new lines in my lyrics, new melodies in my head! That’s what I want and that’s what I need..

Just to decide the places and dates.. 😛

P.S. I might visit some of Marilyn Manson concerts in the meantime.




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