“Who are you talking to?”

You didn’t hear from me for a long time, I know. My life was a mess a bit those weeks and I had some things to finish. I don’t want to declare myself as a crazy artist but my actions are proving that with every step I make.


I visited Belgrade last week. One of the main reasons of my visit is meeting with my producer Voja to discuss about my album. We haven’t met for a while and it was great to see him. I changed a lot since we met last time. My songs can prove that. I worked so hard on my arrangements and production, lyrics and melodies that the change is obvious. Voja said to me- “Now, after so many years since I know you, you’re ready for this, kid.”

And I really feel that I’m ready. I can collect my songs in one place. They are connected with the story, sound and expression. I found the key, and I couldn’t do it without him, Voja Aralica, who was always somewhere behind to shape me and lead me in the right direction. His advice and his questions are the big part of my life. I remember first question he asked me when he heard my first demos –

“Who are you talking to? Who are you to say anything?”


Now, I know the answer on that question and I couldn’t find it out if I didn’t get to know my self better. The answer is simple – I am a strong woman who’s telling the stories that makes other women stronger. That’s what the right producer can make out of you.

We already did one song together, Come Tonight and that song defines the sound of the album we will prepare this summer. I wanted to have one dark, scary, melancholic sound and we agreed on that from the start. Unfortunately, we live in different countries so the whole process can be a bit distracted. It would be much better if we can sit together in the studio and discuss what we can do about the song in the moment but that’s not possible in the situation like this, when we have 5000km between us. Luckily, we don’t have to record much because the music is electronic, so there’s no live instruments except vocals. That’s the only thing we will record exactly.

We also discussed about the other things like how many songs will take the place on the album,  what kind of a image I will represent and what kind of videos and promotion I should have. Usually for those things other artists have another party but this is not the case with me. I will prepare the whole package and then I will go to the labels, not the other way around. That’s the harder way, but I don’t have too much choices now.

I had a plan to do an album of 45min as usual, but we decided to go for the EP, 5 songs. And that’s definitely better idea. Those 5 songs we chose are complete and they hold and support each other. Perfect 5 songs! We booked the studio for August. When this album sees the light of the day, that will be a date for celebration. That will be my second birthday.

Yes! I forgot to tell you. I made a new song which will also take the place on the EP.. It’s about some stupid guy who didn’t see the bigger picture.






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