I like to spend hours with you. You can bring that kind of a breeze in those days full of heat. I know how hard was for you last few months but you made it. Yeah, you had some failures, everybody goes through them, it’s not the end of the world, right? Just don’t forget one thing- You are still alive and you’re still kicking some asses even though nothing was so easy for you.

Are you ready? ‘Cause I am!

We should do that thing you always wanted to do. Why don’t you just make a step? What scares you? What makes you think twice when you don’t have nothing to lose? All the cards are in your hand and everything’s gonna be alright!

You have the spirit, you have the appearance, you have the talent, the voice, the idea, the stage and people around you, don’t you? You even have the venue, you even have people that can support you, you even have the time for it! SO LET’S DO IT! It’s just one call away from everything you wanted to do! Make the fucking SHOW that you can say one day – Show must go on!

This is how it usually starts- with the spilled beer on a piece of paper!

The Show that can give a chance to all of those musicians and music lovers to have their own spot! That can give them a chance to express them-selfs and their music and gather them together! Give them good music and let them give you their good music! Exchange the love!

This city craves that thing! Everything is so artificial that people who live here need something organic! Even the grass in this city is breathing on tubes! Come ON!! You know all of those things! It’s not just you who’s feeling it! Remember just how many people you met this Friday on concert of Bull Funk Zoo in Möto?! It was full of beautiful people! BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE!

Fuck the money! Fuck the people who are chasing that! Love is surviving everything!

There’s another love you can still believe in!



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