150km/h Ducati Ride

First of all, I want to thank YOU.. all of you, who wrote me since I started this blog. It’s a very good feeling when you start to be aware that someone understands what you’re talking about, that many people have the similar problems and that you’re not really going crazy, depressed or, even worse, becoming spoiled. It’s very good when something that you do has a meaning to other people. I really appreciate your support and I am so happy that the number of readers is growing every day.

I changed the setup of my mind in last few days. I was talking with some of my friends, and discovered that I am just one step away of changing my life in total. I live through my work and that was my mistake.

“What do you do in your spare time?”

That was the question one of my teenage students asked me. First, I was thinking that I don’t have time to have a spare time, so I didn’t really give her any answer that will satisfied her. I went home with many many questions in my head.

The thing is that I had time. It’s not that I didn’t. I just didn’t use it, or I used it for some stupid things like going out, spending money, shopping, or eating. When you full fill your time with some activities, ACTIVITIES YOU LIKE, it’s totally different story. The other thing that was bothering me, is that I was refusing the activities I like, thinking that I will not have enough time to do them. I was always thinking that is better to stay home, chill with Netflix, and wait for hours to pass. Bad choice! Of course, if I don’t do anything for myself during the day, if I focus only on work, that I will become depressed and sick. Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home Work Home.. shit.

You have to push yourself. It’s a 1000 kg rock you have to push in that moment when you’re stuck inside of your house, but still, you have to push that fucking rock!

I called Milos, my friend from Serbia. He was convincing me to do something for months.. I finally decided to chose the day and do it.. We went on a short road-trip… on his motorbike!

That was so amazing! The excitement was constantly there, because, how Milos says – you have to make a peace with the fact that you can die any second! One wrong move, one distraction, one short look on those Ducati wheels and you are – Gone! No more problems, no more happiness, no more talking with your Mom and Dad via Skype, no more cuddling with the kids, no more drinking coffee, no more sex-ex, no more rehearsals with your band, no more travels, hook ups, wasted nights, no more fights, no more stretching, no more Netflix… everything is gone in that second. But, isn’t that the meaning- that you live like it’s your last second? Isn’t it meaning of life to appreciate all of those seconds, present moments, do them? Don’t get me wrong – don’t do stupid things, be smart, enjoy, but also be more careful on the road.

We were driving around 150km/h … Hahahaha, I know that this is against everything I said just in a paragraph above, but I feel good when Milos is driving. He’s not the guy who’s playing much with his life. I knew that when he started to explain me how to ride with him. He was not showing of and he’s a normal, balanced guy. I suppose that he’s riding in a totally different way when he’s alone. We put our helmets on and we went to Bab Al Shams, resort in the middle of the desert. The roads were very clean, not so much traffic on Fridays, and the weather was perfect. I just loved the feeling when we were taking turns, roundabouts, speed up on a open road without cameras, my whole body was getting goosebumps and I felt the bike between my legs like a creature with the soul. I felt empathetic with the bike, imagine! Funny! We had our drinks there, in a beautiful resort and we went back. Nothing special but.. everything was special!

There’s a spot for bikers to meet up in the middle of industry area of Dubai, between warehouses, called Möto. All the rock’n’roll people, bikers, coffee lovers, locals and expats are meeting there to hang out. You can have a black drink, mixed of coffee, maple syrup and chocolate ice cream they call Oil Change, you can feel the smell of doha, and you can have fun trying to find a blank spot on a people’s skin covered with tattoos. I just love that place. It has a spirit. We finished our ride there.

I was also thinking, how easy is for us, women, to find something to do. If you’re a guy you have to go for a license, put some money there, find your bike, put money there too, ride a few months on a side-roads until you get your self-confidence to get on a highway or on a longer road-trip, get first, second, third accident, survive and then enjoy your trips. But, for women- we just have to ask a guy who did it all to take us somewhere. And we complain and fight for woman empowerment!? WTF? Better shut up.

Anyhow, thank you Milos. We will do it again 😉


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