This song is very important to me. It was a hard one… I needed to survive something bad to make it. The story in it is a fiction though, but… let’s say that I like to live in my fiction world. Now cliche, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… And better.. Can’t wait to come back to my hometown Belgrade, to spend time with my mentor Voja and to finally pack all the songs I’ve made since I moved in Dubai.

I went down
I went downtown
To the city of gold diggers
And I said to myself
That ain’t no place for a woman like me

I parked my car
and the song
pulled all my triggers
Time for the scum
to do the job for me

I asked the lady
at the bar
to mix a drink for losers and winners
My slaves were searching around
For the wanted man
(my man)

I heard the shot
broke the glass
and the blood was leaking through my fingers
Out of the corner of my eye
I could’ve sworn that he started to cry

I have no mercy
no mercy for him

I was walking
trough the place
And I saw the fear on everyone’s face
He was shot in the leg
but he
wasn’t dead

I lowered my voice
so he could hear
that he had a choice
“Stop screwing around
or get the fuck out of this town”

I have no mercy
no mercy for him


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