It’s so easy to say

I was always versatile in my music-making. I could’ve made a song in so many genres that I was always confusing people around me what’s my identity. I’ve never understood why I need to focus on one genre and do music as the music industry requires.

I spent so much time searching for a hook, sometimes I would ignore the fact that the song I am making is my diary, my way of dealing with questions, my experiences, my pain, or my happiness. I always have a feeling like I gave birth to a child when I make a new song. When someone from the industry, producer, or musician or a representative of a record label gives me that same question – “Who are you? Why is this song so different than the other ones? You should try….” – I have a feeling that they are raping my child.

It’s so easy to say to change this or that in the song, to Do it is a bit different. I never wanted to be someone who is faking their music. I never wanted to be a part of the industry where they are sexualizing everyone they can just to sell the product better. I wanted to be true to myself and to what I wanted to say in the song. I don’t mind if it’s not made for masses, I don’t care if it doesn’t touch every heart in the world, it touches my heart, and making music is my way of expressing myself instead of going to therapy… and what you say to a therapist is precious.

This song is a message to myself that I should always be true to myself and the music I have in me. This is a message to me that nothing is worth selling my soul to the Devil.


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