Come Tonight

Dubai… The city of ONS… The city where you can see how people can mistreat each other, where the most common relationships between man and woman last just for one night, where I heard for the first time about ghosting, gaslighting, and other ways of manipulation. The city where people can leave any day and go back to their country. No one wants to exactly get attached because they don’t see their future here.

Decades ago you could’ve planned the family and that sort of thing. With feminism and career chasing, family as a social group is vanishing, slowly. People are making a stronger relationships with their friends, flatmates, and pets rather than with romantic partners. The whole social construction is way different in this metropolis than in the other not so developed countries. Dubai is the city of the future and I’m afraid that the future is not bright.

The song Come Tonight is about shocking truth that we are all using each other for our benefit. It’s about a man who sees only the woman body, not interested in something beneath the skin and flesh, and a woman who is struggling between the strength she gained through her professional success and emotional side that doesn’t accept shallow connections. In the end, she is trying to be stronger and act like a man.

But.. is that a solution to the problem?


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