False Idols

I spent 12 years in abusive relationships, fighting with my demons, growing up, and trying to understand human nature. It was always a game, and I was the one who was searching and initiating to play with fire. I’m sick of it.

It’s not really a good idea to meet your idols. You create a false picture and you stick to it because no one likes to accept the fact that expectations are bullshit. People can be talented, attractive, and amazing in what they do but that doesn’t guarantee you that you will be treated with respect. You will not! It doesn’t matter how much you appreciate them, work on the relationship, give give and give because they only know how to take. You will spend all your energy on something meaningless. The only purpose of those relationships is that you have to learn that lesson, in a hard way.

The song False Idols is talking about abusive, toxic relationships you should avoid! Be smart, predict them, follow your inner voice, and don’t allow anyone to put you down.



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