No Mercy

This is the message for one particular person who passed through my life:

If you think that every song I wrote talks about you, you’re living in a lie. My life is full of experience, and yeah, you were one of my biggest lessons, but I’m sorry I have to disappoint you, I didn’t spend too much energy on it. I wrote just one song about you, and it’s not even based on real experience. It’s based on my wish, on my dream, how things should’ve ended. At least I can dream in my music if I cannot live in a dream.


I went down
I went downtown
To the city of gold diggers
And I said to myself
That ain’t no place for a woman like me

I parked my car
and the song
pulled all my triggers
Time for the scum
to do the job for me

I asked the lady
at the bar
to mix a drink for losers and winners
My slaves were searching around
For the wanted man
(my man)

I heard the shot
broke the glass
and the blood was leaking through my fingers
Out of the corner of my eye
I could’ve sworn that he started to cry

I have no mercy
no mercy for him

I was walking
trough the place
And I saw the fear on everyone’s face
He was shot in the leg
but he
wasn’t dead

I lowered my voice
so he could hear
that he had a choice
“Stop screwing around
or get the fuck out of this town”

I have no mercy
no mercy for him


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