We are so afraid to be romantic, gentle to each other, to love, and be loved… We grew up in a society where those things are not described as advantages. Our hearts are lonely, confused, and tired of fighting. We are scared to be vulnerable.

This song is made on a broken, untuned piano, in the early morning, when everybody in the house was in a deep sleep. That wasn’t my house, and I didn’t know the place. I was very careful walking towards the piano, scared not to wake up anyone. The sun was lighting up the life inside the room. The piano was dusty and it had a lot of family pictures on top of it. The bench made a little squeak when I sat on it. I opened the piano and started playing the melody. The lyrics were describing the current situation. I didn’t want to go back to the room and continue to sleep. I was awake. The melody was taking over me and the lyrics were starting to complete. I couldn’t separate myself from the song. It needed to go out, out from my heart.

In one moment I heard clapping. Three people were standing behind me, smiling… And listening….

Years have passed. Every time I met him he was talking to people around us about that morning and how I made the song on his piano, not knowing that that song was made for him.


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