Your Soul

We went through a lot this year. We are all looking forward to the end of this cursed year. 2020 made us suffer, put us on a test, taught us a lesson we didn’t ask for. It changed our lives.

When it all started, in March, it didn’t seem like it’s gonna last for this long. Some of us got scared of being stuck at home, some of us embraced it with the hands wide open. Some of us were tired of people, work, responsibilities… Some of us didn’t know what to do with themselves and a forced gift of extra free time. Some of us stayed where we are, some of us had to leave… Lots of my closest friends left. I lost so many friends and I needed to accept the current situation.

My flatmate, my best friends, and the most smiled person in the whole fucking world left me in 2 days… On Thursday she found out that she lost many projects because of the COVID 19, on Friday she packed her things, on Saturday she left. She left me and our cat.

Another friend, I knew him since I moved to Dubai, he was almost like a family to me, needed to leave the country. There was no work for him anymore.

One of the most inspirational people I knew in my life, the guy who knew so much about books, about the universe, hedonism, little things, and big money, lost his job. The guy who knew the best 5-star meals and the best cocktails in the city, who’s chair managers were pulling in the restaurants out of biggest respect, lost his job and left.

Another inspirational man, who I learned so much from, who pulled and pushed me to be a bold person. Who was making the best pool parties, who know how to indulge himself and friends around him, who had the biggest heart, who helped me out in so many situations with the roof overhead and bread on the table, left the country.

My best friend, who I spent with many drunk nights and many afternoon coffees, didn’t call during the lockdown. We stopped being best friends. We are now… well… we still didn’t see each other.

One day, during the lockdown, the guy who was always there on Sunday night left our Jam Session Whatsapp group. I called him, asked him why he left the group. He said that he needed some space, far away from the bad news we were sharing every day in the group. He was depressed. I tried to talk to him, convince him that the lockdown can be good for him, that he can finally spend his time on making music, improve himself in all the ways he always wanted but he didn’t have time for… When I hung up the phone, I wrote this song, YOUR SOUL, for all of us who felt lost in our lives.

This song was a motivational speech for him, and for me.

I had a very positive attitude about the situation, I was hoping that this song will help me out to pull through this awful year. It helped… but now, this lasts far too long for my taste. I want to go back. I want to go back to my life before COVID 19. I miss concerts, life without masks, paranoia, sickness, deaths, and depressions.

I want our lives back!


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