I don’t wanna talk

“This is the end. My only friend, the end…”

Have you ever had a feeling that sometimes is pointless to talk about it with your therapist? The subject is raped so many times that even you don’t know if there is any problem with it? Your mind is lost, you are brainwashed, you don’t have an opinion about it anymore and everyone is looking at you with that sadness in their eyes. You feel ok, you’re fine, just people who are dear to your heart look at you with that look.. You don’t know anymore if they are just making too much drama about it, or you just became numb about the subject.

As the song says, I don’t wanna talk about it.

This is the last track of my album BLACK BOOK. The black book is literally the notebook where I wrote the lyrics for all of these songs I was posting in the last few weeks. Hope you enjoyed my posts and my music. I closed with this one big chapter of my life, told my story and now I’m ready to move on.


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