Clair De Lune

When I sat by the piano, all my memories came back as a stroke of light. I remembered my teacher from Negotin, who planted the seed of love for music at my early age. How interesting were lessons with him! I still could remember his fingers playing the piano when he was showing me some parts. I remembered how he died. 

I started with the piece Claire de Lune. It’s a beautiful piece, full of dynamics, floating phrases, blissful chords, shining melodies. I felt like I was 12 again, in a classroom with him. I could hear his voice in my head – “Play it like you’re dying”. 

I played like I was dying. Every note felt like a nail in my hand… A nail for Sasha, for Smoothy, for the band, BIGZ, Mom, Dad, Brother… for every one of them. I had a feeling like I was already gone. I had a feeling like I failed them even though this was a step forward, step into a new life, step into success. The last two weeks were quite hard for me. I practiced again 6 hours a day like a long time ago when I was still studying piano. But this was the first time that I didn’t have a teacher leading me to how to do it. I was free for the first time to bring up my own interpretation, without any suggestions, just my own feeling, and my own music. 

When I did my last chord, I tried to enjoy the echo of all of the notes floating in the air, sustained by the pedal. Everyone in the room was in silence, respecting the disappearing sound. 

  • Ksenia, that was great. Thank you so much. Do you play anything else except classical music? – Mr. Lewis asked me, the owner of the school, who was a pianist himself. 
  • Honestly… I prefer more modern music like pop, blues, jazz than classical.
  • Do you mind showing us something different?
  • No, not at all.

I started playing Georgy Porgy by ToTo, one of my favorite bands. Made a short improvisation on the solo part. I was having fun. 

– Thank you so much. That was a great audition. Can you please sit here, to have a small conversation. – Mr. Lewis pointed on the chair.

I took a sit in front of them. I was nervous, I felt more comfortable there, on the stage, by the piano. 

  • Ksenia, as you already know, this job is placed in Dubai. What do you know about Dubai?
  • Honestly, just usual things, that it’s a country with the biggest growth in the world for the last 40 years, and that women are not allowed to wear short skirts. 
  • Hahaha, ok, well… you know something. But it’s not that strict about women. Are you married? – This caught me by surprise. My mind was rolling, thinking of what should I answer. 
  • I am engaged.
  • Did you have a conversation with your fiancé about this job? 
  • Yes, we have talked about it. 
  • And what he thinks?
  • Well, I hope he will join me after some time when I settle down and see how things are going there. 
  • When you will be able to move?
  • Let’s say, in a month.
  • Ok, I think that’s all that I wanted to know. Congratulations! You got a job. You will discuss all the details with Marko about the documentation and moving process. See you in Dubai!
  • See you in Dubai!

I didn’t know who to call first, Sasha or my parents. I will talk with him when I get home. I couldn’t do it at that moment. 

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