NIKODIA (Ivana Nikodijevic) is a singer/songwriter, piano/keytar player & DJ. This multitalented musician has worked in Middle East, Europe, made cooperation on music projects in Canada, Australia and Argentina as a producer/composer, performed all over UAE – Doha, Oman, Abu Dhabi, Ras al Khaimah, Dubai (TORO TORO, Tamba, BiCE, COYA, RUYA, Lucky Voice…), played corporate events for brands like ROLLS ROYCE, RED BULL, HUGO BOSS (special event for Zak Efron, Hollywood actor), MARC JACOBSSEPHORA and worked on different radio stations as a radio host and a DJ.

She performed at Exit festival, Beer Fest Belgrade festival, Rock Village festival, Arsenal Fest. Also, she was performing at the venues in the former Yugoslavian and Eastern Europe countries.
She participated in a music reality TV show “Operacija Trijumf” (Star Academy, 2008). Nikodia also has won the competition “Hello! Good vibrations” for the best song in 2011.

In 2017. Nikodia released first track “It’s so easy to say” for the label “Free Sound Tools” (Ukraine) supported by the Proton Radio. Next single “Come tonight” Nikodia was released for the Label “200db” (Kazakhstan).
Nikodia cooperated with a lots of musicians – ILona Maras (“My Reflections” 2017), Andy Brooks (Vocals for “Love Modulation” EP, 2016), Feud (Vocals for the song “Televizija”), Strip (played keyboards), Bvana (Keyboards), Viktorija (Back vocals).

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Nikodia established her name as a HST of one of the most popular JAM NIGHTS in Dubai, powered ROCK NATIONS UAE and supported by SHURE MEA, @Lucky Voice Dubai.

Rock Nation Jam Sessions –

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