Author: nikodia

  • My confesión

    Gotan Project I know I’m tough..  I’m hard to digest.  I can have these aggressive moments where I can diminish with just my eyes someone’s self-confidence. I can be super hard when something isn’t going how I imagined. I don’t give a chance to someone else’s opinion, I just have a flash thought in my […]


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  • Creep

    Sasha stood up from the table, put his plate into a sink, and went to a bedroom. I just heard how he closed the door. The emptiness was taking over our living room like a monster. The monster of emptiness, with claws dipped in a fear. I didn’t know what to do with myself. I […]

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  • Clair De Lune

    When I sat by the piano, all my memories came back as a stroke of light. I remembered my teacher from Negotin, who planted the seed of love for music at my early age. How interesting were lessons with him! I still could remember his fingers playing the piano when he was showing me some […]

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  • I don’t wanna talk

    “This is the end. My only friend, the end…” Have you ever had a feeling that sometimes is pointless to talk about it with your therapist? The subject is raped so many times that even you don’t know if there is any problem with it? Your mind is lost, you are brainwashed, you don’t have […]

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